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Forward Thinking LLC

A Professional and Professional Coaching Company

Our mission is to empower people to lead, authentically.

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Over 25 Years' Experience

We provide solutions to challenges in organizational management. Our goal is to equip our clients to excel in leadership. We can help move you forward.


Moving People Forward


“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”

— Alexander the Great



Below are testimonials from peers and clients who have been impacted by the founder and lead consultant of Forward Thinking LLC. 


Leadership Testimonial

"You have achieved what no other can or ever will be able to with the people I call my family. I only hope I can continue the great work you have done with all of us and be half the leader that you have inspired me to be." Christina M., Assistance Clinical Manger

Teambuilding Testimonial

The area involved had issues for many years, to address the negativity, animosity and general discord among the staff, team building exercises were set up for all staff. During these exercises staff were given an opportunity to open up and be totally honest in a safe environment. Erika led the groups and guided each of us to be transparent with each other, laying it all out so that the longstanding problems could be addressed.Through out the sessions, Erika allowed staff to be open, honest and forthright about the issues. She maintained a safe and secure environment and allowed all staff to be vocal, encouraging those who were sitting back being quiet to speak up. This led to some great dialogue among the team members and increased trust and respect throughout the department. Jo B., Registered Nurse, Education Nurse Coordinator



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Mentorship Testimonial

"The leader mentorship program has provided me with a foundation of leadership principles that were transferable to my workplace environment. I was able to take these principles and skills and apply them personally, professionally and scholastically. This program has added value, perspective and foresight on how a true, authentic leader must exhibit integrity, dedication and compassion to those they serve."

Stephanie L., BSHA, MA Organizational Development candidate.


 I learned to love leading again!

"I have had the distinct pleasure to be mentored by the owner of this company, Erika Dudley. What allows her to stand out as a leader is her ability to create an inclusive environment for everyone around her. Her energy, her knowledge, and her passion draw people in and her kindness and joy keep them near.  She elevates you and helps you realize your own potential. I have learned to love leading every day and in every situation. I now run to difficult situations as I have learned that it is those situations that give me an opportunity to lead my teams through crisis! Her mentorship has been invaluable and I'm grateful for my relationship with her." Christina M., Call Center, Administrative Manager, 

I am a better me!

My greatest inspiration is to be the best me, mom  and entrepreneur. The private and personal coaching I received from Forward Thinking has allowed me to see the 'better' me!  My whole life changed for the better when I allowed Forward Thinking to show me what it means to look forward into my future and see what I can be. I am forever grateful! 

B. Davis, mom of 5, entrepreneur and candidate for Bachelor's degree in Business Management 

The commaderie of our team has never been better!

"The comradery in our Pediatric Kidney Transplant program has gone from 0 to 100 quickly over the past year.  It is amazing what positive attitudes, passion, and supportive leadership can do."

Janet N., Registered Nurse, Pediatric Kidney Transplant program